The Environmental and Social Impact of Digital Credentials

Many issuers are interested in the benefits of digital credentials and are also concerned about their social impact, the long-term sustainability of digital credentials, and how they affect the environment. This is especially the case when they hear about the use of the blockchain to provide additional security against fraud. Environmental, social, and governance issues are quickly becoming a top issue for stakeholders, and admins need to include ESG in their business cases to ensure they can justify their chosen solution. Join us in our latest webinar where we explore the sustainability, social, and environmental impact of digital credentials.

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What this webinar is about

Digital credentials are the modern evolution of physical credentials, replacing the tedious administrative task of producing, printing, and posting credentials to recipients. But how does the environmental impact differ? Do digital credentials carry the same social impact? How can organizations assess the sustainability of digital credentials? Many prospective issuers share these concerns and need to include the answers to these questions in their digital credential business case.

In this webinar we explore the environmental and social impact that digital credentials have compared to traditional credentials, assess the sustainability of digital credentials and how this provides long-term benefits for recipients, and consider the challenges faced by issuers that don’t transition to digital credentials. Join us to learn more about:

  • The environmental impact of digital credentials
  • The social impact compared to traditional credentials
  • The sustainability and long-term recipient benefits of digital credentials
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