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Whether you're starting your program from scratch, switching from printing and mailing certificates, or simply streamlining your existing issuing process, Accredible makes creating and sending digital certificates or badges a snap.

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We believe it doesn't matter how or where you learned something; if you can prove you're credible, you should be credible. Our digital certificates and badges enable organizations to award their students with proof of skill, individuals to prove their credibility, and for employers to identify the ideal job candidate.

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Receiving recognition is a pivotal moment for anyone completing your certification, training, or learning program. When you use Accredible to send your certificates and badges to your students, you create exciting moments of pride that individuals can't wait to share.


The Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing institute switched from printing and mailing certificates to issuing with Accredible. They reduced time spent issuing certificates by 93.75% and saved over $50,000 to date.

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