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Spending your nights manually issuing paper or PDF certificates? Or requiring learners to create a login to accept their credentials?

That’s the old, limiting way. Accredible enables you to design and auto-issue verifiable digital credentials that learners easily share to social media, websites, and email — boosting program awareness and referrals — while enabling you to track it all in real-time.

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Increase learner engagement

You’ve worked hard to develop and launch a course, but engagement and completion rates aren’t ideal. We’ve all been there.

Not anymore. We’ll help you develop a program strategy to reach your goals, and our platform enables you to create visualized learning pathways, stackable microcredentials, and automated email campaigns that incentivize course completion, credential sharing, and continued learning.

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Elevate program value

In today’s skill-based world, ensuring learners can communicate their abilities and translate them into future opportunities has become paramount to program success.

With Accredible, you can instantly award learners with fully branded digital credentials that showcase acquired skills and earning criteria and recognize them via an online directory of credential holders. You’ll give learners — and your program — a competitive edge.

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The Accredible advantage

Accredible is the only digital credential solution that combines a platform purpose-built for program growth with deep expertise and support. We’re not just a platform. We're a trusted partner in helping your program succeed.

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Everything you need to grow your program

With Accredible, you can manage and measure everything from issuing career-advancing digital credentials to visualizing learning pathways to spotlighting certified learners — all with one platform.

Put your brand front and center

Our platform provides unmatched customization and white-labeling to give you complete control of the recipient experience — with brandable landing pages, emails, URLs, learner directories, and digital wallet cards.

Accept and share credentials with ease

Accredible’s One-Click Acceptance removes unnecessary account creation friction and enables learners to easily share their credentials online — helping generate brand awareness and program referrals.

Partnership beyond the platform

From technical onboarding to program strategy and beyond, we offer a roadmap based on over a decade of experience to help you provide the best learner experience and reach your program goals.

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Accredible seamlessly integrates with your existing systems—from LMS, CMS, and publishing tools—to streamline issuing credentials without disrupting your workflows.

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