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Identify, develop, and reward your talent

Drive and award skill development

Engaging employees and recognizing their achievements is paramount to fostering a culture of continuous learning and performance. 

With Accredible, you can design and issue verifiable digital badges and certificates that showcase acquired skills, earning criteria, and evidence of learning. Recognize employees via an internal Spotlight Directory and support their mobility with credential wallets.

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Make informed talent decisions 

Get visibility into every aspect of your program and skills data with analytics and visuals that go beyond the number of credentials issued. Track employee skills inventory and progression, learning pathway completions and dropoffs, and more.

You’ll always have the right insights to refine strategies, pinpoint upskilling opportunities, and ensure you're maximizing your talent investments.

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Future-proof your workforce

Change is the only constant in business. 

Accredible enables you to quickly design and deliver new digital credentials as your training portfolio expands. Create visual learning journeys with milestone credentials that remove employee guesswork and incentivize continued learning with Pathways.

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Scale your program, not admin work

Spend more time improving your training and less on issuing and managing credentials. Accredible seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to auto-issue thousands of credentials to learners — enabling them to be shared and used immediately.

Win back time for your team with retroactive credential editing and automated name change handling, expiration, and renewals.

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Connect your favorite tools

Accredible seamlessly integrates with your existing systems—from LMS, CMS, and publishing tools—to streamline issuing credentials without disrupting your workflows.

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Unlock your program's potential

How to Engage Employees in Corporate Training with Digital Credentials

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