How Digital Credentials Pave the Way for Building Talent Pipelines and Training Partnerships

Professional development is important. It improves employee motivation and engagement. It reduces skill gaps and increases team efficiency. But there’s a problem - learning and development leaders don’t have the resources to create comprehensive training programs. This is widening the skill gap, creating additional internal expense, and leading to unfilled employees. L&D leaders need a solution to help them build high-performing teams. That solution? Digital credentials. Digital credentials create opportunities for partnerships with external training partners. In this webinar we explore the demand for professional development and how training providers using digital credentials benefit from this demand.

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What this webinar is about:

Organizations pursuing learning and development are increasingly turning to outsourced training providers. This allows them to quickly increase their capacity for education and deliver training that fills their identified skill gaps. Issuers of digital credentials have an opportunity to partner with these organizations to fulfill their training needs. Digital credentials increase the chance of partnerships as they better demonstrate the value of the available programs and make them more enticing to L&D leaders. 

Join us as we look at how digital credentials and Accredible ease the process of building training partnerships. From the benefits of digital credential features and the recipient experience to supplementary Accredible products and how they are used to increase program visibility. In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The pain points organizations face around training and development
  • How digital credentials create opportunities for partnerships 
  • What Accredible products help issuers to create and maintain partnerships
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