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Getting started
We'd like to use Accredible. What are our next steps?

If you haven't already, determine your price tier on our pricing page and determine how many recipients you plan to issue.

If you plan to issue certificates and badges to more than 10,000 people a year, contact us so we can help determine your needs. You should feel free to create an account if you haven't done so already, but we can help get you started.

If you think you'll issue to less than 10,000 people a year, you should continue to create an account to begin your account setup and pay for a plan through your account's billing settings.

No matter what size you are, if you have any challenges along the way, our knowledgebase will help answer your questions and you can always contact support from your dashboard if you get stuck.

Before getting started, can we see a sample SOW or contract so we can have it reviewed?

If you're on our Self Serve plans, a signed contract is not a requirement. Should you sign up on our website and select your plan of choice (billed monthly with an annual commitment), you'll see a reference to our Terms and Services.

If you're interested in an Enterprise Plan, we would be happy to share a contract typically used for this level of engagement. Feel free to contact us at sales@accredible.com.

Accredible's terms and services can be reviewed here: Accredible Terms of Service

Once we are ready for purchase how do we proceed?

You can create an account at any time, and make a purchase through your billing settings on the Accredible dashboard.

You can go to this page: https://dashboard.accredible.com/issuer/dashboard/billing/purchase to pay for a plan.

If you require an invoice, please contact support from your Accredible Dashboard.

If you have arranged a contract with Accredible's sales team, we will be in contact to arrange payment.

Plan details
Can I pay for a year all at once instead of the monthly amount?

All Launch plans are billed monthly on an annual commitment. We have more flexibility on payment terms if you are purchasing a Connect or Growth plan.

What other fees are involved?

There are no additional fees (like setup or maintenance) beyond the cost of your plan level and any add-on features you've selected.

How long is a contract?

Accredible offers one year and multi-year contracts

What happens to the certificates or our account if we don’t continue our subscription?

Issued digital credentials remain active (as long as you have not put an expiration date on them). For cancellations part way through a year, please refer to our Cancellation and Refund policy.

Are plans priced in US dollars?

Yes, plans are priced USD. Accredible can provide quotes in AUD, EUR, and GBP upon request.

Features & functionality
Can we issue both a certificate and a digital badge? Is there a benefit of doing both or one instead of the other?

Whether one has more benefit than the other is really up to your organization. Some organizations prefer the digital certificate because it is more familiar to a traditional certificate. Conversely, some like the badge because it is a more modern "movement". And then, some like using both to get the best of both worlds.

Regardless of how you choose to display your credentials, the primary benefits are that digital credentials (a badge, a cert, or both) cannot be faked, are easily shared with peers, and always display the current information.

We use a certificate or license number unique to our organization - can we use that on our certificates instead?

Yes. Accredible allows you to upload and display all sorts of custom data on your certificate designs. In this case, you can use your certificate number as a custom attribute on the certificate.

Can I issue digital certificates in bulk?

Yes. Make sure your data is available in spreadsheet format and upload it to our system. The spreadsheet upload creation method can handle 100,000 records with a single spreadsheet in one upload. You can queue five different uploads at a time, and those uploads can be for different departments, and apply to multiple groups. With file uploads, Accredible works in the background so you don't need to stay on the upload page, and provides insightful tooltips and downloadable logs once uploads are complete.

I would like to be able to drive from our website to the Accredible Directory. Is there a way for us to allow people to get back to our website from the registry?

The logo on the top of your Accredible Directory links back to your organization's website. However, if you want more control over this experience, you can embed the directory into your own website to allow third-parties to visit your website and verify who owns your credentials.

Can Accredible take our current certificate design and fit it within the Accredible parameters, or is that something we need to do?

If you have an existing certificate design, you're part of the way there. You will need to save the design (without any text or overlaid images like a seal) as an image file. You can use this as the basis for your certificate design on Accredible. You'll need to recreate the text part of your designs on Accredible.

If you are having trouble, or don't have a design to start from, you could enlist the help of an Accredible designer to create and set your design up for you (starting at $100).

What systems do you integrate with?

Accredible has plug-ins for Canvas, Moodle, and WordPress (Academy theme), and Thinkific, as well as packages for easier development if you're using PHP or Ruby on Rails.

Accredible also has a Zapier integration, which links to over 750 web applications like Salesforce.

See the full list of integrations here.

Can I issue digital certificates to students outside of the LMS integration?

Yes. Just because you have an integration set up, you aren't blocked from manually creating credentials for other students. These credentials can be made through the dashboard at any time. They will use the same pool of credential credits, and can even be made in the same groups that credentials are automatically created via integration.

What is process to integrate with my LMS (or other software)?

This process will vary quite a bit depending on which software you are integrating with. Start by looking through our list of integrations and make sure that an integration is possible. Then, check our knowledgebase for specific support instructions on setting up your integration.

You don't have an integration listed for my AMS / LMS / CRM software. What are my options?

You can see if the software you use connects to Zapier - this is a convenient way to automate tasks like certificate creation.

If your software isn't on this list, you can also create your own integration using our API.

Recipient experience
What does the student receive when he or she passes our course? A PDF? A link?

If you have integrated with Accredible to automatically issue a digital credential, the student would receive an email with a "call to action" to view their certificate. Our certificates are mobile friendly as well, so students can view them on their mobile devices.

How do students access their certificate or badge?

Students receive their certificate or badge via email, and are able to login to their credential at any point afterwards using their email address.

Who sends the certificate or badge? You? Us?

Accredible sends certificate emails to your credential earners. You can control the appearance and other email settings through our platform.

We have both online and on-site courses. How do we treat face-to-face students?

You can issue digital certificates and badges to "face-to-face" students by adding them to Accredible the same as with any other credential record; you can add these recipients one at a time OR upload a spreadsheet.

Credential recipients
How many credentials can I issue per recipient?

You can issue as many certificates and badges to a person as you'd like.

Do I pay for my old recipients?

No. Each plan has a limit on the number of unique recipients per year.

Do credential recipient allowances expire?

Each plan limits the number of unique people you can create a certificate or badge for per year.

Can recipients pay Accredible to receive their certificate?

No. Accredible can not be used as an e-Commerce solution to charge certificate or badge recipients in exchange for their credentials. Credentials you send are paid out of your allowance.

Is there an ongoing fee to maintain the link for each certificate?

There are no additional costs to keep the certificate "live" after it is issued. If a certificate expires though, and you need to re-issue a new one, that will require an additional credit.

What if I need more recipients? Can I change my plan?

Yes, you may upgrade to a larger package at any time.

What is a Unique Recipient?

You can send as many certificates and badges to each person as you like, we price based upon the number of unique people you're sending them to.

Sending multiple certificates or badges to 'yourname@example.com' only counts as one credit against your plan's allowance, provided they're sent in the same year in your billing cycle.

You don't pay any on-going carrying fees; existing credentials never count against your allowance.

My data
Is there any scenario where you would share, sell, distribute, use to contact etc. our certificate holders information?

No. Our agreements clearly state that we’re not able to share your data with any third party that’s not bound by our data privacy agreement and that isn’t named on our data privacy agreement.

Does the data contained on Accredible belong to us or to Accredible?

You’re always able to remove data you’ve provided to Accredible from our platform.

Can I get my data off of the system if I decide to stop using Accredible?

Yes - we aim to make this as easy as possible. You can export your credential data as a spreadsheet, your analytics data as a spreadsheet, and your certificates as PDFs at any time, and we don’t charge a fee for you to do that.

You can also submit a request at any time to support@accredible.com if you’d like Accredible to remove data that you’ve provided to our platform.

If we decide to stop using Accredible, do our credentials stay live?

We will keep your credentials live in perpetuity, so that your credential recipients will be able to retrieve them, and links they’ve received or shared will not break. You can come back to your account at any point and pick up where you’ve left off.

Read more about our approach and commitment to Data Privacy

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