Engaging Event Attendees with Digital Credentials

The event space has undergone huge disruption in the past few years. Global cancellations, virtual adaptations, embracing hybrid approaches, and the slow return to a new normal has left organizers and audiences excited to get back to it. Audiences are eager to get more involved, and exhibitors are keen to identify ways to increase engagement before, throughout, and after the event. Engaged audiences create better visibility, they are more likely to return in the future, and they can't wait to get their peers onboard. Join us as we explore how you can utilize digital credentials to engage attendees, provide superior hybrid experiences, and encourage post-event actions.

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What this webinar is about:

Event engagement is a necessary component of measuring the success of an event. Many organizers become so focused on the pre-event visibility that it can be difficult to see how well an event has been received beyond the number of attendees. This leads to attendees becoming ghosts. Disappearing into the event halls with little to no idea of what could be inspiring them to talk about the event or motivate them to return in the future. Organizers need ways to boost the engagement prior to, during, and after the event and to measure the success of that engagement.

Using digital credentials as a supplementary technology for events can help organizers to boost their attendee engagement, while providing another way to measure event success. Join us to learn more about how you can use digital credentials to:

  • Encourage attendee engagement
  • Deliver superior hybrid experiences
  • Motivate post-event actions
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