OpenBadge Compliant Digital Badges

Whether you’re recognizing an achievement, illustrating skill accumulation, or incentivizing behavior, Accredible makes designing and awarding digital badges easy and intuitive.


How do organizations use digital badges?

Recognize Achievement

Digital badges can be used to recognize any achievement, from passing a class to completing a training course.

Illustrate Growth

"Stacking" badges is a common practice to illustrate skill accumulation culminating in mastering a concept.

Incentivize Behavior

Digital badges are commonly awarded to incentivize specific behaviors of students, faculty members, or employees.

Visual Designer

Our free Badge Designer makes it easy to create beautiful open badges that represent your brand.

Want to learn more about digital badges?

Completely customizable badge designs to signify any achievement.

Just like with our digital certificates, Accredible's digital badges are completely customizable to match your organization's brand and properly showcase the achievement the badge represents.

Social sharing tools make celebrating achievement quick and easy.

Badges are meant to be shared and celebrated. We make that easy by allowing individuals to download, email, or share their achievement across hundreds of social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Relevant badge information automatically encoded.

In addition to the image-based design that acts as the badge, meta-data is encoded to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it, or learn more about the context of the achievement it signifies.

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See if your badges are getting viewed or shared with our Analytics Dashboard

See the number of times your badges are shared, how often they're viewed, and how many clickthroughs to your website are generated. You can even get an estimate of the value your badge clicks and views would cost via paid marketing channels like Google Ads.

Open Badge 2.0 Certified

Accredible's badges adhere to all the guidelines set forth by the Mozilla OpenBadge Standard, meaning they're not only secure, but portable, and can easily be added to an individual's badge backpack.

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