February 24, 2022

Professional Certification and Micro-Credentials: How to Close the Skills Gap

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Feb 24, 2022
On demand

What this webinar is about

The skills gap is accelerating — nearly one-third of employers surveyed by Monster in 2021 agree that the skills gap has increased from a year ago. Hiring is no longer enough for many companies to plug the skills gap in their departments - 87% of employers report they are having difficulty finding the right qualified talent. The focus is changing to reskilling and upskilling the workforce, with 70% of employers stating they are willing to train the right candidates to fill open roles. But preferences are changing. Employees in training demand better work-life balance and trying to fit in traditional education around their already packed work schedules can dramatically affect motivation and productivity. 

Enter micro-credentials. Micro-credentials enable candidates to learn around their responsibilities, boost motivation through regular, incentivizing rewards, and enable organizations to gain the skills they need in less time. Join us in our latest webinar to learn how your organization can use micro-credentials to: 

  • Meet the demand of learners for professional certification
  • Attract more learners to your programs
  • Motivate course completion rates
  • Build talent pipelines to close the skills gap

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Cody Gondyke

Director, Demand Generation & Digital Marketing

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