How Professional Associations Drive Membership Growth Using Digital Credentials

Professional associations report that they are still struggling to return their membership growth to pre-pandemic levels. They state challenges around communicating the value of membership, and visibility to audiences to be the greatest influencing factors. They need strategies and tools that enable them to attract and engage members. Digital credentials provide the solution. Join us in our webinar to explore how professional associations use digital credentials to drive membership growth and boost member retention.

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What this webinar is about:

Professional associations and non-profit organizations offering credentials to their members and candidates require solutions for meeting their major challenges. They need strategies that allow them to engage their members and improve the communication of membership value. They are well-positioned to respond to the needs of employers and professionals in education, yet often struggle to scale due to reliance on inefficient systems and insecure PDFs. The most successful associations are using innovation and the introduction of new products and services to add value and encourage growth.

Digital credentials provide a number of benefits for associations. They provide members with verifiable digital membership credentials for producing proof of membership with ease on-the-go. Associations save time in their credentialing processes, drastically reduce the cost of issuing credentials, and gain powerful marketing tools to drive program growth and revenue. Join us in our webinar to learn more about:

  • The challenges associations report around membership
  • What successful strategies are used by growing associations
  • How associations use and benefit from digital credentials
  • How digital credentials drive engagement, growth, and revenue
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