Sign Off and Planning for Digital Credentials

Signing off on a project, purchase, or investment is not a one-step process. The successful implementation of a new service or platform begins with a well thought-out procurement process that takes into consideration initiation, planning, execution, and closure. A preferred timescale or deadline for each step of the process prevents wasted resources and helps track the progress including unexpected changes. Join our latest webinar to streamline the stages of procurement for digital credentials, and research how to assess ROI, create tailored sign-off checklists, and prepare for implementation and testing.

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What this webinar is about:

Procurement isn’t always a quick and easy process, especially when undergoing digital transformation through the implementation of digital credentials. To ensure the process is as streamlined as possible, it should include proper research, planning, justification, communication, and detailed record keeping. This webinar serves organizations in the consideration process, from prospective issuers that are looking to start credentialing to existing issuers that are making the switch from traditional paper certificates.  

Using digital credentials to evolve your credentialing helps to boost program growth, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue. In this webinar, join us to research more about the sign off and planning process for digital credentials including:

  • Assessing and calculating the ROI
  • Agreeing final changes with stakeholders
  • Preparing for implementation and testing
  • Finalizing supporting assets for launch
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