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What our customers say...

What Our Customers Say...

As the National Accreditation Body for the UK it is vital that organisations and members of the public can verify the accreditation status of our customers. Accredible allows us to provide a route for straightforward, online, up to date verification of the accreditations we award, providing confidence to our customers and their clients. The implementation of the Accredible system accelerated the development of our e-certificates overall improving their visibility and value to our customer and stakeholder base.
Jeff Ruddle
Strategic Development Director, United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
A platform that I never have to update, tinker with, or worry about at all was vital to us. At a startup, our most precious resource is time.
Chris Moberly
Senior Technical Lead, Scality
Accredible allows us to end the learning experience on a positive note with a credible certificate that can be showcased and shared online.
Sarah Whyte
Marketing Strategist, Hootsuite
Accredible is probably one of the best decisions that we made as an organization. We found the platform very intuitive and easy to use.
Doug Forman
Certification Director, IAPP
Accredible enables our recipients to easily share their credentials anywhere online which has been a big win for us! In the past year with Accredible, over 75% of our recipients have posted their credentials on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, which has significantly increased our social media presence and helped to grow our brand.
John Dennis
Director of International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI)
You’ve definitely exceeded my expectations! All I wanted was digital badges, better certificate design and record-keeping. You’ve done a superb job educating me and helping me move the program forward in ways I hadn’t considered before. Accredible is now central to my marketing plans- driving demand for our certifications and supporting training.
Dave Feasey
Technical Services Manager, Commscope
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"At McGraw-Hill we partnered with Accredible around 3 years ago to create a credentialing program within our software, SIMnet. From the idea phase to planning and building, Accredible was an incredible partner. We were able to share our vision with Accredible and in a few weeks we had a fully functioning credentialing program. To date we have issued around 600,000 credentials to students and have thousands of shares of them on LinkedIn. The reason it has been so successful is due in large part to the professionalism and talent that Accredible brought to the table."

Wyatt Morris | McGraw Hill
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