State of Digital Credentials 2023: What’s Next for Digital Credentialing?

This year has seen tremendous growth in digital credentialing. More organizations are seeking digital credentials in a bid to remain competitive and innovative. Candidates are seeing digital credentials in their social feeds and want to earn rewards towards their own professional development. Accredible alone has seen increases of over 40% in the number of monthly credentials issued. What issuers are driving that growth, and what does that mean for your ability to stay a competitive choice for your learners? Join us in our latest webinar to explore a review of the last year in credentialing, how organizations are leveraging digital credentials, and what we should expect in the future of credentialing.

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What this webinar is about:

We are at the start of a new, exciting age of credentialing. Digital credentials are seeing huge adoption across industries as organizations see the benefits gained by partners and competitors in their space. Candidates are seeing digital credentials more frequently in their social media and news feeds and are starting to request these from their preferred training providers. We are beginning to see digital credentials become the standard method of representing effort, rewarding achievement, and recognizing affiliation and membership.

In the coming year, we anticipate the demand for digital credentials to continue to grow. Recruiters and recruiting managers are experiencing the ease of understanding and verifying candidate competencies. Visibility into certified candidates is improving talent acquisition, while increased visibility into quality programs is making it easier for individuals to find relevant courses to fill their own skill gaps.

Join us in our webinar as we explore the growing demand of digital certificates, digital badges, and blockchain credentials and what we predict is next in the future of credentialing. In this webinar we discuss:

  • The key findings of last year
  • Who’s using digital credentials and how
  • What outcomes have been achieved with digital credentials
  • What’s next for the future of digital credentials
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