Premium White Labeling

Make Your Credentials Part of Your Website with Premium White Labeling

With the new Premium White Labeling Package, you have unprecedented control over the experience of your digital credentials, including customized navbar, footer, page styling, and custom domain.

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Above and Beyond the Branding Package

The Premium White Labeling package has all of the features of our basic Branding Package, but goes beyond swapping your logo onto Accredible placements. In order to truly make an Accredible credential belong to your web presence, you need to match the look and feel of your website.

Drag slider to left to see an example of a fully-branded, white-labeled credential page.

Premium White Labeling Advantages

Replicate the Environment of Your Site

Customize the header and footer of the credential page to match your site. Viewers will feel as though they’re still on your site and be able to click-through directly to your pages.

Control Over Page Styling

Use custom CSS to match page elements to your brand guidelines like fonts, colors, sizes to replicate the look and feel of your site.

Give a Sense of Security

Use your brand continuity to communicate to viewers that you control the certification and that the information is coming directly from you while at the same time promoting your brand.

All Premium Features

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A Part of Your Site

You want recipients to feel like they are receiving a badge or certificate from you, not from a third party. This level of white labeling allows you to use a domain you own to serve as the URL of your credentials, increasing confidence that these credentials are coming directly from you.

A Seamless, Branded Experience

The entire experience of receiving one of your certificates or badges through Accredible can be branded: from the email sent to the recipient, to the page content, to the collection of all their badges and certificates visible to the public, to the URL.


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