A clearer path to continued learning

Encourage learners to take more courses and achieve more credentials.

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Pathways makes it possible for you to:

Increase course enrollment

By using Pathways, course providers have increased new course enrollment by up to 367%!

Enhance credential value and program cohesion by creating comprehensive educational journeys and demonstrating how they align with learners’ career goals.

Drive engagement & course completion

Incentivize learners to take additional courses with milestone credentials and clear pathways to continued learning.

Showcase how certifications become meaningful steps on their career pathways and use Linked Pathways to guide learners through a curated educational journey.

Visualize learning journeys

Provide an easy-to-follow guide to help learners understand their options and where they should or could go next.

Empower learners and eliminate confusion through clear and structured learning paths that enable them to achieve their short and long-term career goals.

Offer flexible learning opportunities

Create pathways with optional requirements and various levels of complexity – from micro-credentials to university degrees.

Enable learners to build personalized career pathways with guidance and clarity around the requirements they need to succeed in their chosen track.

Track real-time completion rates

Gain instant visibility into learner proficiency, course enrollment, and completion rates to drive smarter decision making.

Reduce cost & increase time savings

Automatically issue credentials when milestones are reached without having to manually check learner progress.

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