Digital Credentials for Dummies

Digital credentials are an emerging technology that take physical certificates, transcripts, and membership badges to the next level. Organizations choose digital credentials as part of their digital transformation to improve their internal credentialing processes, increase their brand awareness, and recognize and reward the achievements of their candidates and learners. Watch our webinar to learn more about how digital credentials are used, who uses digital credentials, and how your organization and recipients benefit from the use of digital credentials.

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What this webinar is about:

Since the first credentials were issued, professional certifications and achievement certificates have been issued as physical documents. In today’s digital world, issuers are turning to digital credentials to deliver educational achievements, professional certifications, and membership credentials. Digital credentials are an emerging technology but are rapidly being adopted across a variety of industries including education, corporate training, and associations. Issuers benefit through increased efficiency, reduced costs, and powerful marketing tools that drive program growth. Recipients benefit from increased visibility of their abilities, the means to showcase their competencies, and verifiable, portable skill portfolios. 

Watch our webinar recording to answer the questions: 

  • What are digital credentials?
  • Why are digital credentials needed in today’s world?
  • How do recipients benefit from digital credentials?
  • How do digital credentials help issuers save time and money?
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