Awarding Bodies

Showcase The Competencies Of Learners And Increase The Visibility Of Learning Outcomes

Awarding bodies leverage our feature-rich digital credentials to attract and retain learners, showcase the efforts of professional development, and grow their programs.

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Awarding bodies including Trinity College, GMAC, UKAS, and more partner with Accredible to successfully drive learner engagement and motivation, and track progression through learning pathways.

Issue Credentials That Increase Learner Success And Accelerate Program Completion and Growth  

Your Learning Journeys – Tracked

Inspire, motivate, and engage learners to complete learning pathways with the ability to capture learner data and track progress through the learning journey. Encourage continuous learning with increased visibility of learner advancement through credential collections.

Your Learners – Motivated

Recognize learner achievements faster, keeping them motivated to complete courses and drive engagement by incentivizing learners through branded, stackable credentials and micro-credentials.

Your Credentials – Protected

Protect your career-advancing awards using fraud and tamper-proof credentials that are protected by bank-level encryption. Secure credentials using the highest level of protection - blockchain technology - keeping your brand fully protected.

Your Awards – Verified

Ensure secure verification of the validity and authenticity of issued digital certificates and digital badges from the dedicated credential page, across embeds and shares, and printed hardcopies (via QR code).

Your Opportunities – Extended

Brand, repackage, and offer Accredible’s built-in premium features to create unique career tools for learners to identify where your credentials can take them and what programs to pursue next for their career advancement.

Your Marketing – Amplified

Generate greater interest in your credentials with enhanced credential reach through easy social sharing to over 20+ social media platforms, making it easier and more cost-effective to drive increased visibility and attract new candidates to your courses.

Your Marketing ROI – Tracked

Use Accredible's robust analytics to track and report on the marketing ROI of your shared credentials, identify opportunities to engage students, and use course completion analytics to reduce dropout rates.

Are you ready to issue feature-rich credentials that your learners can instantly share to increase your visibility and drive program growth?


Credentials That Positively Impact Your Learners’ Academic And Career Goals

Their Competencies – Detailed

Give students easy access to the evidence and metadata embedded into their digital credentials, providing a clear picture of their abilities, knowledge, and skills, and ensuring prospective learners understand the value of your credentials.

Their Credentials – Portable

Offer fully open badge compliant credentials to learners, supported by a digital wallet card that goes into an Android or Apple wallet. Learners can take their credentials with them wherever they go, ensuring they are fully accessible, all the time.

Their Learning Stories - Told

Deliver enhanced credentials that empower learners to showcase their competencies and provide assurances that their career-advancing awards are protected against loss and damage and will remain accessible throughout their career.

Sharing & Celebrating

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Verification via Blockchain

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Open Badge Compliant

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Marketing & Analytics

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