How to Intelligently Target Audiences to Drive Program Growth with Recommendations

Accredible’s most-requested feature is here. Our Recommendations engine intelligently serves your credentials to new, highly-relevant audiences to drive revenue, amplify program visibility, and boost brand awareness. Similar to Display Advertising, Recommendations puts your courses in front of new audiences. But, what makes Recommendations special? Our audience is made up of over 2 million authenticated learners with the intent to find courses, and we use an intelligent engine to match your courses to the right learners. Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn how your organization can leverage the Accredible Learner Network to cross-promote courses and accelerate program growth with Recommendations.

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What this webinar is about:

Increasing awareness for programs and courses is necessary for issuers to draw in new and returning learners. Finding effective methods of raising awareness can be a costly endeavor while issuers test the return across different channels. To support our credentialing partners, Accredible have launched Recommendations. Our intelligent Recommendations engine serves credentials to new, highly relevant audiences to amplify program visibility, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue.  

Accredible Recommendations presents relevant credentials to prospects based on their current credential or credentials held, motivating continuous learning and driving enrollments. Recommendations works similarly to targeted affiliate marketing in that issuers pay per click generated on their credentials and can track where their recommended credentials are shown and engaged with. Join us in our upcoming webinar to research more about:

  • What Recommendations is
  • How issuers can use Recommendations
  • How Recommendations benefits issuers and candidates
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