Digital Wallet Cards to Verify your Badges and Certificates - Anytime, Anywhere

Accredible's badges and certificates are now available on mobile devices for your recipients to verify their professional credentials on a job site or to prove their association membership.


Accredible's digital wallet card feature makes your digital credentials portable

Seamless Add-on

Add digital membership cards to your Accredible certificates and badges with no additional setup.

Proof of Membership

Your professional association members will be able to produce their digital membership card any time after adding it to their mobile device.

Eliminate Printed Cards

1-tap adding to digital wallets from the credential, means no more printing, ordering, or mailing physical cards, and no hassle.

Job Site Verification

Credential-holders can easily produce their credentials on-demand to prove they meet the requirements and that they are qualified to work at the job site.

Store Multiple 'Cards'

Easily collect and produce multiple credentials on-demand, with no risk of losing or forgetting a crucial certification for that day’s job.

Easy job site credential verification from your mobile phone

Let your credential-holders take their digital certificates and badges onto job sites to verify they have all the necessary qualifications to do the job. Eliminate the hassle of printing and sending multiple cards for your credential-holders to produce on job sites, where they could be lost or forgotten.

Upgrade your membership program with digital wallet cards

Replicate or replace physical membership cards with Apple and Android wallet cards: eliminating costs, time, mailing, and replacement issues. Your credential-holders will always be able to produce proof that they are active, valid association members or certification-holders, right from their mobile device.


Contact Accredible to upgrade your credential program.