The most powerful and secure digital certificates available.

Accredible's digital certificates are unsurpassed when it comes to design options, delivery methods, social sharing, analytics, security, and verification.


Why do organizations choose Accredible's digital certificates?

Built for Sharing

One-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn help generate web traffic and referrals for your program.

Smart & Dynamic

Features like automatic name change handling, automatic expiration or renewals, and retroactive editing make management easy.

Verifiable & Secure

Instill trust in your certificates with one-click verification, and know they're secure with our bank-level encryption and Blockchain logging.

Professional, branded digital certificates you can be proud of.

Start with one of our pre-made templates or build your custom design from scratch. Our drag and drop editor makes creating designs that match your brand a snap. You can even customize the domain your certificates are hosted on.

Smart certificates that are dynamic and responsive.

Set your certificates to automatically expire or setup certification renewal. Automated name change requests, typo correction, and retroactive editing mean you’ll never have to worry about small mistakes costing you time or money.

Check out this example of a responsive digital certificate.

Certificates built for sharing.

With one-click social media sharing options as well as LinkedIn, website, and email embedding, your certificates are turned into a source of referrals and act as a marketing tool for your training or certification program.

Secure and verifiable certificates that remove all doubt and prevent fraud.

Single-click verification makes third-party authentication quick and easy. Accredible's bank-level encryption and Blockchain logging mean it’s impossible to fake your certificates.

All the benefits of paper certificates with none of the hassle.

With high quality design and print options, your students can print high quality versions of their certificates from home. Additional features like detailed analytics, multi-language support, and automatic screen sizing make choosing digital certificates a no-brainer.

See how one of our customers switched from issuing paper certificates.

Start designing your digital certificates for free.