The Top 10 Challenges of Digital Credentials in 2023

There are concerns we occasionally hear from prospective users around the use of digital credentials. They worry that digital credentials are too expensive, create clutter, and require heavy time investment to get off the ground. Are you a credentialing manager that is concerned about the move to digital credentials? Worried that digital credentials will require you to change your internal systems, are not secure, or are no more valuable than PDF credentials? Worry no more! Join us as we tackle some of the challenges and misconceptions around credentialing head-on in our latest webinar. Learn more about the potential for digital credentials, how they become powerful tools in your credentialing toolkit, and have the ability to change your credentialing process for the better.

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Digital credentials are growing in popularity but as a disruptive, new technology, there are still a number of commonly held misconceptions around their use and benefits. Yet, digital credentials are powerful tools that have the ability to change the credentialing landscape for the better. They can help credentialing departments to save time and money on the creation, delivery, and management of credentials, greatly enhance the recipient experience, and return control over live credentials to issuers. 

In our latest webinar, we are going to explore the top ten challenges we most frequently hear from prospective issuers and how Accredible provides the solution. Join us to hear more about how issuers can use and integrate digital credentials with their existing platforms and systems, how we enable fraud-proof physical credentials without incurring additional costs to issuers, and how issuers can ensure their digital credentials deliver value.

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