Creating Launch Assets to Accelerate Digital Credential Adoption

The launch of a new brand, product, or service doesn’t happen silently. It is supported by press releases, websites, social announcements, promotional content, and entire marketing strategies built for launch. The more excitement that is created around the launch of a new offering, the more successful it will be. Equally, the more information provided, the greater the level of engagement which helps to excel program growth. Join us in our latest webinar to research the best practices for launching a new credentialing program and learn how to guide recipients to use their digital credentials effectively.

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What this webinar is about:

Launching with new digital credentials is an exciting time for an organization. But it’s important that the move to digital credentials doesn’t happen quietly in the background. Plans are needed for supporting launch materials and both internal and external announcements. If the supporting materials fail to provide key information, recipients are less likely to adopt and engage with their new credential and won’t understand how to use it effectively. This webinar is intended to help issuers to create engaging launch materials that inform candidates about what digital credentials are, how they benefit recipients, and how digital credentials are used. 

Any materials, documents, or content that is created to support the launch of digital credentials falls under ‘supporting materials’. The materials may differ depending on the type of program being launched and the target audience. However they all share a common goal - to inform, guide, and motivate adoption and engagement. The effort put into supporting materials also helps to improve visibility for the organization and the credentialing program. Join us for our latest webinar to research how to:

  • Understand best practices for launching a new credentialing program 
  • Show recipients the power of their digital credentials
  • Guide recipients to use their digital credentials effectively
  • Improve visibility of a new credentialing program
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