Reporting on Digital Credential Success Metrics

Trackable metrics and insights are a key part of measuring success. Program managers need to understand digital credential analytics in order to communicate back to the rest of the organization how their credentials are being interacted and engaged with. Join us in our latest webinar to research and determine what metrics are most important to achieve set goals, and how to measure and report on digital credential success.

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What this webinar is about:

How do you effectively measure the success of your digital credentials? Knowing the specific metrics to track and what to do if they miss the benchmark are key for program managers. The insights gained from measuring success provide valuable feedback on recipient and team satisfaction, guide the creation of supporting documents or resources, ensure continuous improvement, and enable data-backed future decisions. 

Organizations that are using digital credentials and want to better understand how to measure the success of their digital credentialed programs will benefit from this webinar. We will explore how they can use their metrics to create strategies for brand awareness, program and revenue growth, and learner behavior. Join us in our webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand, measure, and report on digital credential performance
  • Plan strategies for digital credentials based on metric performance
  • Use metrics to determine user engagement and behavior
  • Create and share reports with stakeholders
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