July 21, 2022

Using Digital Credentials in Higher Education

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Jul 21, 2022
On demand

What this webinar is about

Student demand for digital credentials in higher education is increasing, but college and university enrollment is falling. The reason comes from a combination of increasing costs, post-pandemic impact, and concern around the value that attending college offers. This has led to students seeking educational opportunities and certifications elsewhere, favoring shorter, more affordable programs which offer a better work-life balance. 

As a result of falling enrollment, higher education providers are facing increased competition and could mean being left behind in the marketplace if this demand isn’t satisfied. Higher education providers need to find ways to better attract and engage their prospective students while adapting to potentially reduced budgets. Digital credentials can provide the solution. Not only do digital credentials reduce the cost and time commitments of credentialing but can create new avenues of revenue for issuers. Join us in our latest webinar to research more about:

  • The challenges of credentialing in higher education and how digital credentials are the solution
  • How learners and issuers benefit from the use of digital credentials
  • What steps to take to justify the investment in digital credentials and implement a solution

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Cody Gondyke

Director, Demand Generation & Digital Marketing

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