Certified Professional and Member Directory

Spotlight Directory

Provide a home base for people to find and verify professionals who hold your certifications. In one convenient, branded location, directory viewers can search through and inspect your Certified Professionals’ profiles.


Why use Spotlight?

Industry Hub

Build, manage, and customize a directory of your qualified professionals.

Improve Employability

Improve the career success of your graduates by connecting them to employers.

Fully Customizable

A white-labeled directory that looks and feels like an extension of your brand.

Significantly Increase The Value Of Your Credentials

Being featured in your directory becomes a career-defining event for your candidates and rewards them for their efforts with increased visibility of their industry expertise. This has a measurable impact on the number of people that sign up for your programs and credentials.

Want to see how Spotlight can help your organization?

Market Your Training Programs with a Fully Customizable Directory of Credential-Holders

Showcase Your Certified Talent

Spotlight allows you to build a searchable hub of certified professionals to communicate the power of your training programs. Incentivize candidates to sign-up or complete your programs to be featured alongside your ​​officially-recognized list of professionals.

Help Your Alumni Achieve Success

Make it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to browse and find qualified professionals. With an extensive list of search filters and the ability to set custom attributes, you choose which information should be the most important in finding the perfect candidate.

A Powerful Extension Of Your Brand

Take control over the appearance of your industry hub with complete white-labeling that follows the look and feel of your marketing site. Choose the departments that feed into the directory, decide which credentials to show, and tailor search criteria to improve browsability.

Provide Insights For Prospective Candidate

Attract candidates to your programs by providing insight into where your certifications can take them. Communicate the roles, companies, and industries seeking qualified professionals and which additional skills and credentials their peers earn to boost employability.



"We’re on a mission to educate the next generation of social media pros with Hootsuite Academy. As a key pillar of our Academy strategy, The Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory gives organizations large and small a powerful tool to find the right people.”

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Spotlight Features

Directory Features

A powerful, searchable, white-labeled directory

Filter results by qualification, skills, location, and more

Host on your own company subdomain

Make private or public

Multiple directory support

Create custom searchable attributes

Set custom credential visibility

White label to match your branding

Profile Features

Current and historical employment information

If they are currently seeking employment

Certification and credential wallet

Location and contact information

Customize the information on profiles

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