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Whether you’re just starting out with digital credentials or looking to improve an existing program, the Accredible Credential Framework will provide a best-in-class framework to guide your journey. Answer just four simple questions and you’ll receive a step-by-step framework for digital credentialing based on your needs.

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Activities here are the interface between the user and the digital credential solution; they cover all aspects of engagement (initial contact, adoption, development and retirement)

Identification of Framework Entry Point.

E2 - One Pager: Framework Entry Point

Introduction to Credential Fundamentals.

E3 - Webinar Recording: Introduction to Digital Credentials

Perform Competitive Analysis.

E4 - Guide: Perform Competitive Analysis

Identification of Credential Value.

E5 - Guide: Credential Value Identification

Identification of Program Objectives.

E6 - Guide: Identification of Program Objectives

Develop Credential Improvement Programs.

E7 - Article: How to Generate More Social Shares

Develop Credential Renewal Improvement Program.

E8 - Article: 5 Strategies for Encouraging Membership Renewals

Develop Credential Marketing & Communications Strategy.

E9 - Guide: Digital Credential Marketing Strategy


Activities here cover all aspects of the digital credentials - they are described through schemas, frameworks, rules, and metadata that together create the specific credentials required to meet business needs

Review of "As Is" Credential Environment.

C1 - Guide: How to Measure the Success of Digital Credentials

Design Credential Framework.

C3 - Guide: Design Credential Framework

Protecting Credentials from Fraudulent Activities.

C4 - Guide: The Impact of Credential Fraud

Develop Approach to Credential Schema Framework.

C6 - Guide: Implement Gamification with Digital Credentials

Identification of Credential Program Metrics.

C9 - One Pager: Credential Program Metrics

Develop Credential Transition Plan.

C10 - Guide: Develop Credential Transition Plan

Tracking and Reporting of Credential Program Metrics.

C11 - Webinar Recording: Reporting on Digital Credential Success Metrics


Activities here cover the processes and systems that enable the credential services to be provided to the user; includes management systems that govern usage and value; and the operating model needed to deploy the credential solution

Define Business Requirements.

O1 - Guide: Define Business Requirements

Assess Credential Change Impact.

O2- One Pager: Credential Change Impact

Design Credential Operating Model.

O4 - Guide: Design Credential Operating Model

Design Credential Support Arrangements.

O5 - One Pager: Credential Support Arrangements

Design Credential Governance Approach.

O6 - Guide: Design Credential Governance Approach

Develop Change Communications.

O7 - Guide: Develop Change Communications

Implement Credential Operational Management.

O8 - Guide: Implement Credential Operation Management


Activities here include all aspects of the credential platform and the data it uses; includes the migration to and integration of the platform within the clients technical ecosystem

Assess Technical Impact.

T1 - Guide: Assess Technical Impact

Develop Technical Integration Plan.

T2 - Solution: Integrations

Organization Set Up on Platform.

T4 - Article: Team Members and Permissions FAQs

Credential Platform Integration / Validation.

T6 - Article: API and Integration FAQs

Test and Issue Credentials.

T11 - Guide: Test and Issue Credentials

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