Complete control over your brand

These are your certificates, not ours. Add your own logo and include dynamic text for recipient names and course titles to one of our many pre-populated designs, or build your own certificate design completely from scratch with our robust drag and drop certificate designer.

You can customize the emails we send on your behalf with your branding and implement a white-labelled domain to have your credentials hosted at

Seamless integration with your existing process

Integrating with Accredible saves you tons of time sending certificates, and creates a seamless experience for your students by issuing certificates immediately when your criteria is met.

Our LMS plugins for systems like Canvas, Moodle, or Thinkific will work off-the-shelf with your installation. Our Zapier Partnership lets you combine workflows with 1hundreds of other web applications to fit into almost any workflow.

Accredible's API gives you the freedom to come up with a custom workflow solution, no matter what platform you're using. See our full list of integration options.

Industry-leading digital certificates and badges

If you can find digital certificates or badges more robust or customizable, let us know. Accredible's digital certificates and badges are the easiest to send, share, edit, verify, and manage.

In today's world your students are on the go and expect on-demand access to their certificates. We help automatically optimize your certificates and badges to display perfectly on any screen size, so they always look good.

Learner Engagement Marketing

Gain control over learner engagement, driving program growth with tailored email campaigns and refined audience targeting. Increase engagement rates, expand reach, and attract more clients by engaging learners directly.

Job Insights to Showcase your Program Value

Learn and advertise the impact your credentials have on the careers of your credential-holders with Accredible's Job Insights feature.

The key to growing your programs is showcasing the career value that you offer. What better place to connect your audience with this impact than on the credential itself?

Certificates built for sharing and celebrating achievement

Built in social sharing tools make it easy for your students to celebrate and share their achievements, turning your certificates into a referral marketing tool for your program.

Our admin interface even provides tools to track engagement on your issued certificates or badges.

Verification backed by Blockchain technology

Digital credentials are a more secure alternative to paper certificates. Period. All Accredible credentials can be verified with a single click.

We now offer you the ability to record your credentials on the blockchain, on top of our bank-level encryption, meaning your certificates and badges are impossible to fake.

OpenBadge compliant digital badges

Accredible provides a flexible badging solution that is compliant with Mozilla OpenBadges but also allows you to represent your brand in a professional and traditional manner. That means your recipient’s achievements are portable and can easily be added to their existing badge backpacks.

Don't have a badge design handy? No problem. We've got a badge designer to create your own from scratch.

Robust marketing analytics dashboard

The Accredible marketing dashboard gives you insight into the additional value, referrals, and brand exposure your certificates and badges are generating for your training or certification program.

Accredible is able to show you the number of views your credentials are getting, how many clickthroughs to your website are generated, and more. You can even get an estimate of the value your click referrals and certificate views would cost via paid marketing channels like AdWords.

An intuitive interface for managing your students

Accredible’s administrator  interface takes all the pain out of managing who receives your certificates or badges.

You can choose to manually enter individuals, or use our spreadsheet uploader to import your recipients in bulk. You can easily organize people into groups, and set specific settings for each.

Safe and secure management of your data

Accredible's platform is hosted on the best infrastructure available, and adheres to some of the strictest security certifications and privacy laws in existence. Read more about our data security policies.

All requests for your data are encrypted and you control who can access your credentials by inviting team members with different permission levels to create and edit certain credentials.

World-class support that’s just a click away

We know how important it is for your certificate and badge issuing process to run completely uninterrupted.

Our customer and technical support is entirely free and our support team have glowing customer reviews. We’re here to help get you set up and get the most out of Accredible.

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