Know the Impact of Your Certifications

Learn and advertise the impact your credentials have on the careers of your credential-holders with Accredible's Job Insights feature

What is the impact of your certification?

Answer with confidence and communicate the career growth your certifications can have for a certificate-holder. Show exactly what your alumni can achieve on the credential itself. Whether you're issuing badges, certificates or blockchain credentials; show real job data, real salaries and real employers that are now open to your certificate-holders.

The key to growing your programs is showcasing the career value that you offer. What better place to connect your audience with this impact than on the credential itself?

Accurate Insights tied to real skills

Job Insights are tied directly to the skills & learning outcomes your programs offer, so the insights are accurate and specific to your certifications. Accredible showcases each skill's career value and connects viewers with real jobs that require that skill.

Be clear about the skills & learning outcomes that your programs offer and remove the guesswork for your audience.

More Metrics, More Value

Give even more insight into the job market by showing salary ranges specific to your certification's skills and which companies are interested in hiring the skills that your certifications provide.

Career development becomes tangible when your audience can see the salary range that your programs can help people attain and where they might be able to work.

Identify new training partnerships based on the employers that have the biggest demand for skills your certification teaches.

Job Insight Data

Accredible connects your credentials with real-time job data from around the world.

The job data we use is gathered from 65,000 global information sources; 143 gigs of raw data every day!

Using machine learning and statistical insights we're able to connect the skills that your programs provide with the jobs available today.

Help Improve Careers

Job Insights enables your participants to explore the roles available to them once they've completed your programs. Real-time, open jobs are just a few clicks away from their badge or certificate.

Stop promising career impact and start delivering it directly!


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