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A Branded Student Credential
That Instantly Creates Opportunities

Leverage innovative blockchain technology to provide your students with secure, easy-to-share, and instantly verifiable digital credentials.

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Accredible partners with colleges, universities, and higher education institutions like Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins, so every student has an opportunity to successfully showcase their achievements to the world.

The Only Digital Credential Designed to Enhance Your Students’ Success

Give your students the secure, portable credentials they need to reach their academic and career goals.

Issue Credentials that Protect Your Brand & Drive Enrollment

Your Reputation – Secured

Create and deliver tamper-proof digital badges and digital certificates with blockchain recording, bank-level encryption, and instant verification, so you never have to worry about fraud or your brand being compromised.

Your Credentials – Automated

Instantly design, deliver, and track thousands of fully branded, verifiable credentials in minutes – freeing up time, money, and resources to develop or enhance your certificate and badging programs.

Integrate our certificate and badging platform seamlessly with your preferred learning management systems to create a digital learning center of excellence for in-person, hybrid, or online learning environments.

Your Reach – Expanded

With one-click social sharing, students can easily celebrate and post their branded credentials on 20+ social media platforms, giving you instant visibility to raise awareness about your programs – at no extra cost.

Certificate and badge earners can add their credentials to their LinkedIn profile and create e-portfolios that showcase their new skills and growing skill sets to prospective employers and recruiting managers.

Your Options – Unlimited

Issue badges, certificates, or both! Seamlessly upload pre-existing designs or create an unlimited number of professional credentials from scratch with our easy-to-use drag and drop credential designer.

Dedicated credential pages with detailed metadata communicates the value of your professional development awards and higher ed learning outcomes. This helps to create demand for your degree programs, diplomas, and education programs.

Your Current Students – Hired

Offer micro-credentials as students complete courses and work toward their degree – helping them to showcase their learning experiences and competencies to potential employers.

Build talent pipelines and employer partnerships with an exclusive, branded directory that improves your graduates' career-development success.

Your Alumni – Engaged

Brand, repackage, and sell Accredible’s built-in premium features to create unique career tools for alumni to identify where your credentials can take them and what programs to pursue next for career advancement.

Encourage graduates to engage with their achievements on-the-go with fully portable digital credentials that are easily uploaded to any digital wallet or open badge backpack.

Your ROI – Tracked

Use Accredible's robust analytics dashboard to track the marketing ROI of your shared credentials, identify opportunities to engage students, and use course completion analytics to reduce learner dropout rates.

Are you ready to issue highly-valuable credentials that your students can instantly share to increase your visibility and program growth?


Sharing & Celebrating

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Verification via Blockchain

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Open Badge Compliant

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Marketing & Analytics

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