Pathways: A Clearer Path to Continued Learning

Learner journeys are one of the most important factors in determining the success and efficacy of a training program or learning module. Join us live on April 5th at 11am EST for the first look at Pathways, the most powerful new feature in Accredible Digital Credentialing. You'll learn how to better collect and build complex requirements, measure outcomes automatically, and create clear directions on next steps for learners.

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Self-directed learning only works when the path is clear. Complex learning requirements and multiple learning paths inside of a program too often result in hard-to-measure, hard-to-understand programs with low completion rates and low learner retention. What if the paths were clear? Accredible Pathways gives you the power to make learning journeys easy. Join our webinar to see how Pathways enables you to create visual flows as simple or complex as you need, incentivize learners to take additional courses by offering clear routes, automatically issue credentials - even with hyper-complex milestone requirements, and gain superior visibility so you can drive smarter decision making.

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