Elevate Zoom Meetings and Webinars with Digital Credentials

The integration of digital credentials into Zoom meetings and webinars gives organizers the power to elevate their attendee engagement. The ability to auto-issue digital credentials for virtual sessions delivers an interactive and rewarding experience, as well providing a way to measure and track attendee engagement. In this webinar, explore the benefits of using digital credentials in Zoom meetings and webinars and how to effectively integrate them into virtual events. Join us to see how the integration works and learn how digital credentials will engage and reward your Zoom attendees like never before.

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What this webinar is about:

Accredible’s Zoom integration enables issuers using Zoom’s video communication software to automatically or manually issue credentials to webinar or meeting attendees. Use the Zoom integration to deliver feature-rich digital credentials including digital certificates, digital badges, and blockchain credentials to Zoom attendees after the session has completed.

By the end of this webinar, issuers will have a clear understanding of what the Zoom integration is, how to set-up the Zoom integration, and how to automate the digital credential issuance process. Attendees will receive their very own digital badge for participating in the webinar and learning about the Zoom integration. They will also learn best practices for setting up digital badges and certificates and what to include on meeting or webinar credentials. Join us in our webinar to explore:

  • How to set-up and integrate Zoom with Accredible
  • How to automate digital credential issuance for meetings and webinars
  • How to manually issue digital credentials for meetings and webinars
  • Best practices for using digital credentials for meeting and webinars
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