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Drive Business Growth Through Digital Credentials

Use our powerful credentialing platform to drive demand for your certificate programs while empowering learners to showcase their skills and achievements. Our fully automated workflows enable you to free up time and focus on what matters: growing your business.

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Global companies like Google, Slack, Hootsuite, Android and many others turn to Accredible to transform their professional development credentials into low-cost, long-term revenue drivers.

Accredible's Two Tier Advantage

We meet your business needs and your learners' preferences.

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Program Growth
  • Data Security
  • Instant Delivery
  • Social Sharing
  • One-Click Verification
  • Portability

Certified Professional Credentials
Built for Your Business

Your Credentials - Branded

Provide your recipients with a fully branded credentialing experience that matches the look and feel of your learning environment. Brand every interaction with your recipients from the moment they enroll into a training program to the moment they share their credential online.

Your Process - Automated

Deliver your credentials in seconds to learners – no costly design time, printing, or physical mailing needed.

Empower learners to start using and showcasing their competency achievements instantly.

Your Marketing - Built-In

Take advantage of recurring, zero-cost marketing when learners instantly share your credentials on 20+ social media platforms, generating organic referral traffic to your program site.

Your Programs - Scaled

Whether you’re issuing 20 certificates or 20 million in-person or through online learning – our credentialing solution allows you to quickly expand your professional development courses and programs without overwhelming your resources.

Your Brand - Protected

Enjoy fraud-proof credentials that are secured with bank-level encryption and blockchain technology.

Retain full control over the validity and expiration of credentials to protect the integrity of your awards and encourage recertification.

Your ROI - Tracked

Use Accredible's robust data analytics dashboard and powerful reporting tools to track and quantify the marketing ROI of all your learning and development programs.

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drive business growth through digital credentials?


Certified Professional Credentials
Built for Your Learners

Their Wait Time - Eliminated

No need to wait for the postman. Upon passing the certification exam, learners immediately receive an email with a link to their unique credential that they can choose to download, print, share online or add to their digital wallet.

Their Social Sharing – Seamless

With one mouse click learners can post and celebrate their new skills and achievements on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and 20+ other social networks – without needing to create a new account.

Their Skills & Knowledge - Verified

Give learners the peace of mind knowing that their fraud-proof credentials can be instantly verified and are the most trusted in the industry.

Modernize your bachelor's degree, associate's degree, and master's degree certificates with protection against loss and damage that is common with traditional paper awards.

Their Learning Experience - Gamified

Easily boost your course completion rates by building engaging learning pathways! Create a unique gamified experience that motivates learners to work towards skills mastery by earning a series of module based digital badges along a learning path.

Their Credential Value - Explained

Our Job Market Insights show learners the best credentials to pursue for their desired areas of expertise, career development path, or job title, unlocking new employment and salary opportunities.

Sharing & Celebrating

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Verification via Blockchain

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Open Badge Compliant

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Marketing & Analytics

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