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A Superior Member Experience
That Organically Drives Growth

Leading associations leverage our digital credentials to attract and retain members, boost their membership engagement, and grow their revenue streams.

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Companies like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and the Digital Marketing Institute turn to Accredible to transform their credentials into low-cost, long-term revenue drivers.

The #1 Digital Credential With Built-In ROI

Our digital credentials enable associations and non-profits to scale, attract new members to join,
and engage existing members.




Accelerating Your Association’s Ability to Scale

Your Credentials - Automated

Design and instantly deliver fully branded digital credentials that integrate into your AMS – making it even easier and cheaper to manage your members and scale all of your programs.

Your Visibility - Expanded

With easy social sharing, members can post their membership and professional development credentials on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and 20+ social media platforms, giving your association instant visibility – at no-cost.

Your Revenue - Increased

Leverage Accredible’s built-in features like membership directories and instant verification to create new revenue streams.

Your Reputation - Protected

Secure your career-advancing and membership credentials with blockchain recording and bank-level encryption, so you and your members never have to worry about fraud.

Your ROI - Quantified

Use Accredible's robust analytics dashboard and reports to track the marketing ROI of shared credentials. Easily gauge the number of credential clicks and use completion analytics to monitor course enrollment and completion rates of your digital credential programs.

Your Renewals - Maximized

Instantly issue renewal reminders and expiration notices to drive membership revenue and motivate lifelong learning. Easily make mass edits and issue thousands of renewed credentials with a single click.

Looking for a credentialing partner to enhance your member experience so you can achieve your association’s growth goals even faster?


Credentials Designed to Attract New Members

Your Credential - Recommended

With one-click shareable credentials, all of your members become influencers and can immediately endorse your credentials on their email signatures, websites, and social media platforms.

Your Web Traffic - Increased

Attract traffic from your members’ social media profiles to live credential pages with links to your association website that feature your membership offerings and certification programs.

Credentials Designed to Engage & Retain Your Existing Members

Their Onboarding - Enhanced

Members  get  instant  access  to  a  secure, verifiable membership credential that is 100% portable and easily uploaded to any digital wallet or open badge backpack.

Replace traditional paper certificates with modern digital membership badges and certificates that showcase the value of your association membership with detailed metadata.

Their Membership – Showcased

Give members access to an exclusive, branded directory that improves their career development success by recognizing them as a verified, association-certified professional to potential employers and professional networks.

Their Advancement – Maximized

Give members tools to assess their market value. Help them identify and align their skill sets and competencies to available job opportunities.

Their Experience – Gamified

Build engaging learning pathways to create a unique gamified experience for your learners. Pathways boost course completion rates, recognize members for participation, and motivate member engagement and involvement.

Sharing & Celebrating

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Verification via Blockchain

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Open Badge Compliant

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Marketing & Analytics

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Their Renewal – Instant

Automate your credentialing process to instantly deliver digital credentials when members renew, complete a course, or attend an association event.