Bridge LMS Integration.

Together, Bridge and Accredible let you automatically create and send digital credentials to your Learners who complete Bridge Programs.

Learners have access to their Accredible credentials – and all of their functionality like printing a PDF copy, adding to their email signatures or sharing – entirely inside their Bridge experience.

All of the heavy lifting of creating credentials, with learner data is fully automated, saving you considerable time and money over traditional alternatives. You have complete control over the nuances of security and options and Accredible’s advanced account settings like white-labelling, certificate design, and email settings on your Accredible account.

  • Set your program completion criteria, and automatically generate full-featured digital credentials.
  • Your Bridge learners are able to share and interact with all of the credential features from inside their Bridge experience.
  • Easily view and edit your settings for each program with convenient links to your Accredible dashboard with admin SSO – your Bridge administrators log in once, and can easily open the necessary settings in Accredible.