Use Accredible to deliver certificates and badges to your Certiverse test takers.

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Automated Badges & Certificates

Generate digital certificates and badges for your test takers instantly.

Deliver notifications automatically.

Self-Service & Transparency

Make real-time changes and updates to your credential settings.

Determine and revise the path to your badges and certificates on demand.

Ongoing Credential Management

Determine the tests needed to reach a badge or certificate.

Automatically update credential expiration dates when a test taker successfully passes the required tests.


The Certiverse platform empowers you to get high-quality exams from Concept to Candidate quickly and cost-effectively.

Plugin Requirements

This integration requires Zapier, learn more on

the Zapier website.

This integration requires Accredible Connect Plan or above, contact sales for more information.

Plugin Details

The Accredible integration means you can distribute badges and certificates the minute your exam is launched in Certiverse’s end-to-end platform.

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