D2L Brightspace Certificates & Brightspace Badges

Use Accredible to add certificates and badges to your D2L Brightspace LMS courses.
Automate Badges & Certificates

Automatically create Brightspace course certificates and badges.

Automatically bring Brightspace course data into Accredible.

Use Brightspace to set what the requirements are to receive a certificate or badge.

Create Credential Groups

Display the certificate or badge to a Brightspace student within Brightspace LMS.

Let Brightspace students view all the certificates and badges they've received on one page.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Automatically authorize Brightspace students to update their certificates & badges without leaving the LMS.

Automatically authorize course teachers and admins to manage designs, badge information and revoke awards.

D2L Brightspace Certificates & Brightspace Badges

Brightspace is a cloud-based Learning Management System designed to work on any device.With Brightspace, you can easily set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, give personalized feedback and engage them using gamification, social tools and video.

Plugin Details

We've worked closely with D2L and existing customers to make our integration as useful and easy to use as possible.

Whether you want to offer micro-credentials, open badges, course completion certificates or blockchain credentials within a module or course our integration is the most flexible and easiest to use with Brightspace.

Once you've installed the integration with our LTI settings then it's just a matter of adding a module item wherever you would like a Brightspace student to receive and then access their badge or certificate. You can set requirements for reaching the module item within Brightspace and don't need to duplicate your settings anywhere else!

Our integration will:

  • Let you add a module or submodule to any course where Brightspace students can receive and view their badge or certificate.
  • Teachers within a course may click the module to update the badge or certificate settings.
  • Automatically sync your Brightspace course information when the item has been added with Accredible.
  • Automatically create certificates or badges when a student clicks the module.
  • Automatically authorize your Brightspace students to update and interact with their certificates and badges.

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