Use Accredible to issue certificates and badges to your Zoom attendees.

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Zoom Badges & Zoom Certificates


Automate Badges & Certificates for Meetings

Automatically create certificates and badges for your Zoom Meeting attendees.

Automate Badges & Certificates for Webinars

Automatically create certificates and badges for your Zoom Webinar attendees.

Set Attendance Requirements

Automate credential issuance for Zoom attendees who attend your events for a selected amount of minimum time.


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service to virtually meet with others - either by video, audio-only or both - and it lets you record those sessions to view later. Many educational organizations use Zoom to deliver training content.

Plugin Requirements

This integration requires Zapier, learn more on

the Zapier website.

This integration requires Accredible Connect Plan or above, contact sales for more information.

Plugin Details

Our Zoom application makes it easy to incorporate Accredible into your Zoom-based training workflow. If you're running virtual training sessions and want to provide attendance certificates or badges for tracking professional development, this integration will enable you to automate creation and delivery.

  • This integration allows you to automate issuance of certificates and badges for Zoom Webinar and Meeting attendees who attend your meeting for a selected amount of minimum time.
  • It allows you to manually issue credentials to attendees of past meetings and webinars.

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