Automatically create and deliver certificates and badges to your Thinkific students.

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Thinkific Certificates & Thinkific Badges


Automatic Creation

Automatically create Thinkific course certificates and badges based upon course completion.

Automatically bring Thinkific course and student data into Accredible.

Display Certificates & Badges

Display the certificate or badge to a Thinkific student within Thinkific.


You can choose to set an expiry date for your certificates or badges and it'll automatically update.

Plugin Requirements

This integration requires Zapier, learn more on

the Zapier website.

This integration requires Accredible Plus Plan or above, contact sales for more information.

Plugin Details

Thinkific have worked hard to setup and maintain a seamless integration with Accredible to automate your certificate & badge delivery.

Using the integration you can customize different certificate or badge designs for your Thinkific students and then setup automatic creation, delivery and maintenance of your credentials.

You can automatically email your students when they receive a badge or certificate and even expire them automatically when you're ready for students to renew their learning.

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