The Skilljar integration empowers you to seamlessly connect training content with your credentialing program, giving your learners a streamlined experience.
Automatic Credential Issuance

Create badges, certificates, or both automatically when students meet your defined criteria for Skilljar course and lesson completion. Automatically use Skilljar data in Accredible to customize awards.

Deliver Verifiable Credentials

Accredible's credentials are instantaneously and always verifiable by third parties, so no matter where your learners share or distribute their credentials, prospective employers and peers are always able to verify their authenticity.

Gain a Competitive Edge

With Accredible, issuers gain valuable insights on learner's progress, engagement, and shares. These analytics help organizations to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own programs, identify top social platforms to engage users, and bring metrics to management on program growth.


Skilljar LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that enables businesses to scale training programs. Purpose-built for education, Skilljar is designed to educate users at scale, decrease the number of support calls you receive, and allow your CS teams to focus on strategically grow customer satisfaction, drive revenue, and increase profitability.

Plugin Details

The Accredible Skilljar integration automates the issuing process between Accredible and Skilljar, allowing you to automatically create credentials based on Skilljar course and lesson completion, and automatically bring Skilljar data into Accredible.

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