Use Accredible for certificates and badges on your Moodle courses.

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Moodle Certificates & Moodle Badges


Automate Badges & Certificates

Automatically create Moodle course certificates and badges based on Moodle's course completion criteria.

Automatically bring Moodle course data into Accredible.

Automatically email Moodle students their certificate or badge.

Display Certificates and Badges

Display the certificate or badge to a Moodle student within Moodle LMS.

Let Moodle students view all the certificates and badges they've received.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Automatically authorize Moodle students to update their certificates & badges.

Automatically authorize course teachers to update badge information, revoke certificates and more.


Moodle is a free, Open Source Learning Management System designed to help educators create effective online courses based on sound pedagogical principles.

Plugin Requirements

This integration requires Zapier, learn more on

the Zapier website.

This integration requires Accredible Connect Plan or above, contact sales for more information.

Plugin Details

Our integration makes it easy to design, create, deliver and maintain certificates and badges for students enrolled in your Moodle courses.

Whether you want to offer course completion certificates, micro-credentials, open badges or blockchain credentials within a course our integration is the most flexible and easiest to use with Moodle LMS.

After installing the plugin you can add the activity to any course to automatically sync the course data with a badge or certificate and allow students to interact with the credential. You can add multiple activities to each course.

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