Avallain Magnet

Use Accredible to add certificates and badges to your Avallain Magnet courses.
Automate Badge and Certificate issuance

The integration between Magnet and Accredible allows you to automatically issue badges and certificates to students upon course completion.

Deliver Beautiful Certificates

Take achievements to the next level by providing state of the art, verifiable digital certificates for your students.

Deliver Open Badges

Transfer student data to create digital badges from within Avallain Magnet.

Avallain Magnet

Avallain Magnet is an all in one Learning Management System and Learning Experience Platform designed to deliver bespoke, personalized, interactive content.

Plugin Details

The integration between Avallain Magnet and Accredible enables you to connect a particular course with a particular Group in Accredible, so that students within that course may automatically receive a digital credential upon completing a course (where all course activities have been completed).

Once the integration has been set up in Magnet, it's simply a matter of selecting a course and then updating its configuration to choose a particular Accredible Group which contains the award details. Following this, creation of credentials is automatic.

Plugin Help

Avallain Integration set up guide.

Contact support@accredible.com to get help setting up the Accredible integration in Avallain Magnet.

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