The Future of Work, featuring Workquake author Steve Cadigan

The future has never been more uncertain, for both employers and employees. Neither knows what skills they need to develop for the future. Turnover is higher than it has ever been. Longstanding industries are being disrupted. Preconceived concepts of what a career really looks like are being challenged - this is the workquake. Join Accredible as we talk to corporate culture guru and Workquake author Steve Cadigan about the future of work.

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What this webinar is about:

It’s time to talk about how being human has never been more critical and how we have more agency in applying our talents than at any other time in history. We need to have more real and honest conversations about how to build a better model of the future of work, one in which both employers and employees feel safe and energized.

Join us as we explore the concepts of Steve Cadigan's new book, Workquake, and delve into concepts like learner motivation, lifelong learning, skills training, employer responsibilities, and general ambiguity.

An expert in the future of work, Steve Cadigan is considered a corporate culture guru, bringing winning insights from over thirty years of HR experience with industry titans like Google, Salesforce, The Royal Bank of Scotland, McKinsey, and the BBC, as well as venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia.

Cadigan is renowned for leading LinkedIn’s first talent push and architecting its world-famous culture, now considered the gold standard. Throughout his twenty-five-year career, he has led teams, cultures, and organizations that have been hailed as “world-class”performers by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and more.

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