The Great Resignation: Use digital credentials to attract and retain talent

The Great Resignation has already seen 4.3million Americans in the workforce leave their roles in August 2021 and as much as 41% of the global workforce are reported to be considering resignation. Issuers of career-advancing credentials must ensure they are ready to seize this opportunity to reskill a massive portion of the population. Join Accredible as we discuss how issuers can support individuals that are looking for training to unlock the next opportunity in their career.

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What this webinar is about:

We are in the middle of a Great Resignation where career advancement and career change are top of mind for many professionals, particularly millennials. 59% of millennials consider development opportunities a deciding factor when applying to a job role. 

Shorter-term credentials enable career mobility in less time than a degree allows; they are therefore ideal for those who need access to immediate upskilling to prepare their next career move. It comes as no surprise that there’s been a substantial demand spike in short term programs compared to the pre-pandemic era. Search queries for online learning rose by over 100% in 2020 and continues to receive over 100,000 monthly searches. The demand for professional growth will only continue, with the worldwide elearning market projected to be worth $325 Billion by 2025.

The Great Resignation creates opportunities for organizations to better engage their workforce to recruit and retain talent. Employees are placing greater focus on learning and development -  70% of workers would be enticed to leave their current employer for one that is known to invest in further training. The integration of social media into our day-to-day lives has spurred the movement further by increasing exposure to peers that are achieving success through training. This in turn fuels interest in specific credentials showcased by these individuals, unleashing a copycat effect that sparks demand for those credentials. 

Watch our webinar about how organizations can embrace the Great Resignation and identify opportunities to help professionals move the needle on their career, engage existing staff, and attract new talent. In this webinar we will explore:

  • The current landscape and demand of learning and development
  • The impact of the Great Resignation on employers and issuers
  • How issuers of career-advancing credentials can increase visibility of programs
  • How organizations use career-advancing credentials to engage employees
  • How professionals find credentials to help them achieve their goals
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