Motivate Continuous Learning with Digital Credentials

Lifelong learning is a necessity for workers to maintain their competitive advantage in a global job market. 82% of employees and 62% of HR directors said they believe there is a need to reskill or upskill at least once a year. Professional certification providers are well placed to meet the increasing demands for continuous education but need ways to re-engage their past learners and retain current learners. Watch our recorded webinar in which we explore how digital credentials promote alumni engagement and motivate continuous learning.

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What this webinar is about:

The focus in today’s training and development industry is the constant expansion of skills and knowledge through lifelong learning. Employers and their employees are choosing to pursue opportunities to reskill and upskill to remain competitive in the global job market. Professional certification is in the hot seat as the desire for career-advancing credentials increases. But providers of professional certification need methods of engaging both their past and current learners and motivate continuous education through their programs. 

Digital credentials provide the solution. Issuers use digital credentials to motivate course completion and incentivize continuous learning. Using stackable credentials and trackable learning pathways, issuers gain actionable insights into their candidate progress while enhancing the learning experience. By utilizing micro-credentials, issuers of professional certification can meet the changing preferences of learners and help employers to reduce wasted training spend. Join us in our latest webinar to research how your organization can use digital credentials to: 

  • Engage candidates in continuous learning
  • Deliver a high-quality learning experience
  • Make training and education more accessible
  • Motivate and encourage alumni to return and reskill
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