How to Give Recipients the Power to Showcase Employability On-The-Go

Both employers and prospective employees face a number of challenges in today’s hiring process. Candidates struggle to provide verifiable evidence of their competencies and transferable skills. Employers face issues with gaining a true understanding of the level of skill an individual has. Portable digital credentials provide the solution. Using portable credentials, candidates can provide proof of their eligibility to work on-the-go and hiring managers benefit from the increased level of detail for held skills provided by digital credentials. Join us in our latest webinar to explore the benefits of portable digital credentials, how they increase the value of your digital credentials, and attract new candidates to your programs.

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The world of employment has faced turmoil and hardships in recent years. From the multi-year pandemic and great resignation movement, to an unstable economy and now, quiet quitting. Employees feel undervalued and are seeking new roles and opportunities or changing industries. Employers are taking longer to fill positions but have less time to spend assessing potential candidates while seeing increased costs. 

Digital credentials ease the challenge faced by both sides. Delivering candidates a detailed, comprehensive skill portfolio that gives them competitive advantage. Making it easier for hiring managers to understand the level of competencies held and how up to date their knowledge is. Portable digital credentials take this one step further by empowering candidates with proof of eligibility they can present on-site, in interviews, or during employment reviews. In this webinar, join us as we explore how portable digital credentials benefit through:

  • Increased understanding of experience, skills, and knowledge
  • Motivation towards continuous education to keep skill portfolios up to date
  • Providing verifiable proof of transferable skills and eligibility to work
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