How to Get 80% Greater Social Media Reach for No Cost with Digital Credentials

With Facebook ad ROI plummeting every quarter, marketers must turn to more reliable outlets to reach larger audiences, for cheaper. Audience targeting is becoming harder and many businesses are not seeing a justifiable return on their social ad investment. Discover how digital credentials can help with no-cost, audience-targeted marketing and increase reach by 80%. Join us in our latest webinar to learn how we can support you to reduce or reallocate negative ROI social spend and start positively impacting your referrals.

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What this webinar is about:

Marketers are beginning to see a decrease in positive ROI for their social advertising spend with no improvement on the horizon. User-tracking consent is a hot topic and as rules around behaviour tracking become more transparent, more users are choosing to opt-out. Apple’s April 2021 iOS update alone contributed to an estimated loss of $9.85 billion in ad revenue across Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Facebook, once the market-leader in audience targeting, has lost a lot of power with the latest changes and have recently announced targeting options will continue to be eliminated. The platform was already suffering from the impact of the 2020 advertiser boycott and more recent 2021 outages. As a result, advertisers are now looking to ‘spread their spend’. Turning to other platforms and advertising strategies to win back their lost ROI. 

In this webinar we explore how digital credentials provide the opportunity for targeted, no-cost marketing and how you can benefit. Join us to learn more about:

  • The challenges of paid advertising today
  • How paid advertising strategies are changing
  • How digital credentials solve the pain points of paid advertising
  • How to encourage engagement and shares of digital credentials
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