Digital Credentials, A Beginner Friendly Guide

Digital credentials are the journey to successful digital transformation. In our beginner’s guide webinar we explore how you can unlock the power of digital credentials to improve internal efficiency, benefit from additional marketing and distribution channels, and gain access to new markets. Join us in our latest webinar to learn more about the fundamentals of digital credentials, who uses them and how, and explore the benefits for issuers and their recipients.

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What this webinar is about:

Traditional credentials have been the standard for a long time but employers and recruiters are beginning to face challenges around the narrow view they provide for candidates. To solve these challenges and meet the changing demands of today’s learners, issuers are turning to digital credentials to deliver educational achievements, professional certifications, and membership credentials. 

Digital credentials provide a number of benefits. They allow recipients to build verifiable, portable skill portfolios that enable them to showcase the professional development they’ve achieved throughout their career. Issuers are able to save time in their credentialing processes, drastically reduce the cost of issuing credentials, and gain powerful marketing tools to drive program growth and revenue. Join us in our beginner friendly webinar to learn more about:

  • What digital credentials are
  • Who’s using digital credential and how
  • Why the demand for digital credentials is increasing
  • What success can be achieved with digital credentials
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