Digital Credentials, A Beginner’s Guide

Digital credentials are the future of credentialing and are used to modernize paper certificates, transcripts, and membership badges. Organizations use digital credentials to save time and money in credentialing, represent achievements, recognize learning, and reward effort and involvement. Watch our webinar to explore digital credentials, how they are used, the organizations using digital credentials, and the benefits of issuing digital credentials.

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What this webinar is about:

For too long, career-advancing credentials have been issued as physical documents that take time to arrive and simply get filed in a drawer or hung on a private office wall. Yet in today’s digital world, individuals expect instant gratification and on-the-go access to their professional portfolios. They want the ability to celebrate in the moment when they receive an achievement and use their newly earned credentials to improve their employability. 

In response, issuers are turning to digital credentials to meet the needs of their learners and members. Enabling recipients to build verifiable, portable skill portfolios they can take with them from employer to employer to showcase their professional development. Issuers also benefit from the switch to digital credentials. They save time in their credentialing processes, drastically reduce the cost of issuing credentials, and gain powerful marketing tools to drive program growth. 

Watch our beginner friendly webinar recording in which we explore the ins-and-outs of digital credentials, providing answers to the questions:

  • What are digital credentials?
  • Who is using digital credentials?
  • What benefits do recipients gain from digital credentials?
  • How do digital credentials help issuers to drive program growth?
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