August 10, 2021

ASU GSV Panel - Is Blockchain Driving a Revolution in Credential Liquidity?

Video Description

Danny King (Accredible), Matthew Pittinsky (Parchment), Timothy Summers (Digital Trust, ASU), Kacey Thorne (Western Governors University), Jeanne Kitchens (Credential Engine), and Donna Kidwell (Arizona State University) discuss Is Blockchain Driving a Revolution in Credential Liquidity at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. Hear from experts to understand how Blockchain is specifically designed for our current moment in credential liquidity innovation. Explore the new ways Blockchain allows for ease of use and decentralized storage. Verification and management of digital badge credentials through Blockchain’s protection increase efficiency and transparency. Learn how employee engagement and retention soars as companies offer increased accuracy in recognition of credentials.

Video Transcript