Maise Hunns

Director of Professional Services and Credential Consultant

Maise Hunns, Director of Professional Services and Credential Consultant, has been helping organizations leverage Accredible’s digital credentials for over 3 years. She has consulted in the launch of our flagship customers, such as McGraw Hill, MIT, 2U, Corporate Finance Institute, MetLife and many more. Her role is to enable the success of Accredible’s customers by creating, presenting, and executing a customized and result-driven strategy. With an additional 6 years of experience in EdTech digital marketing, Maise has proven ability to develop and creatively map out a strategic plan to drive awareness of your offerings and release strategic growth opportunities. These strategies will enable you to leverage digital credentials to achieve your business goals. Maise takes a unique approach to credential strategy by combining her industry expertise, past strategy success, and marketing background to build out a unique and custom solution to Team Democracy’s business problems. Her approach entails conducting in depth research to identify new market opportunities and consumer preferences that she builds into a robust credential framework and strategy.