What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an all-in-one Learning Management System (LMS) for creating and selling online hosted courses. The platform is designed for ease-of-use with a drag-and-drop website builder and support for ecommerce. Course creators can deliver learning in a variety of formats including assessments, surveys, quizzes, assignments, and exams for live, on-demand or blended environments. 

What is Thinkific Integration?

Integrating Thinkific with Accredible enables users including teachers, business owners, and course creators to deliver digital credentials to their students. The integration makes it simple to:

  • Automatically create Thinkific course certificates and badges when a student completes a course
  • Bring Thinkific course and student data into Accredible’s digital credentialing solution
  • Display digital certificates and badges to Thinkific students within Thinkific
  • Set expiration dates for certificates and badges and update these after issuance
  • Create and customize different digital certificates and badges for Thinkific courses

Digital certificates and badges can be emailed to students on course completion via Accredible or directly from the Thinkific LMS. 

The benefits of using Thinkific Integration

Thinkific provides default PDF certificates for their pro plans and higher with the option to prefill the student and course details. PDF certificates are downloadable but lack security and control after the student has downloaded their credential award. 

Digital certificates and badges issued through the Accredible Thinkific integration benefit issuers and their students. Students benefit from:

  • One-click shareability to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • One-click addition to LinkedIn profiles
  • Simple embedding in email signatures and on websites
  • High-quality designs ready for professional printing with support for a QR-code to maintain a link to the live credential
  • Portable digital certificates and badges that can be added to digital wallet cards for use or presentation on-the-go
  • Detailed contextual evidence to convey the value of the credential to third-parties

Course creators choosing to issue digital credentials through the Thinkific integration benefit from:

  • Increased security and encryption for student details and data
  • Easy-to-manage amendments and name changes
  • Protection against spoofing or unauthorized amendments
  • Increased control over expiration dates and validity
  • Comprehensive analytics for sharing and engagement
  • White label and branding packages for a seamless recipient experience

Accredible is the only enterprise-ready digital credentialing solution that offers full control over white labelling and branding. Course creators can white label the recipient experience including use of a vanity URL, credential page design including navbar and footer, and email customization. 

Branding and White Labelling

Thinkific provides an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder to create online school pages and storefronts to deliver learning. Accredible’s branding and white label packages enable course creators to replicate the environment of their Thinkific site on the hosted credential page. Use white labelling to assure students credentials are delivered from the brand, school, or business and increase confidence and trust across the recipient experience. 

Empower Student Sharing 

Encourage students to celebrate in the moment with their peers, friends, and family with easy to share digital certificates and digital badges. Students can add their digital credentials to their LinkedIn profile to showcase their acquired ability and skills. Linked credentials from resumes and CVs provide an easily accessible and verifiable proof of competency, and detailed context offers evidence of demonstrable skills. The ability to add digital credentials to digital wallet cards ensures students always have access to their achievements on-the-go, for use on job-sites, in interviews, and during employment reviews. 

Support Marketing Plans

Each time a student shares their digital credentials online, visibility for the brand, learning opportunities, and training programs increases. User-generated content appeals to audiences better than brand-written sales copy - 79% of social media users react more positively to user-generated copy. The use of dedicated call-to-action buttons in the credential delivery email encourages shares to targeted platforms within the marketing plan where the audience is most active. Potential students engaging with shared credentials view contextual information including links to relevant and progressive courses and the issuer website, which helps to increase sign-ups. 

How to set up and use Thinkific Integration

Thinkific integration uses the Accredible API to connect and deliver feature-rich digital certificates and badges. Accredible’s Knowledgebase provides step by step instructions for where to find the API Key, how to install the Accredible app in Thinkific, and how to enable Accredible Credentials for Thinkific courses:

Further guidance for designing and creating digital credentials is also available in the Accredible Knowledgebase, read the articles below:

Thinkific Integration FAQs

Q: Can I use the same digital credential design for multiple courses on Thinkific?

A: Absolutely! Accredible’s credentialing solution allows you to use the same credential design across multiple groups and can be set up from within Accredible: Using Designs for Multiple Groups.

You can also issue the same credential design in Accredible for different courses in Thinkific by assigning the relevant Accredible group in the Thinkific course settings: Enabling Accredible Credentials for a Thinkific Course.

Q: Can I use the same Accredible API Key for multiple Thinkific sites?

A: Yes! If you are running multiple Thinkific sites, the Accredible API Key can be used across all of them from the same Accredible account.

Q: I have set-up the Thinkific integration but students are not receiving an email notification from Accredible on course completion.

A: Email notifications from Accredible are turned off as default when using the Thinkific integration. To turn on email notifications from Accredible, follow the steps in this link: Turn On Emails Notifications from Accredible.

Alternatively, course completion emails can be sent directly from Thinkific and the steps for enabling this can be found here: Send a Course Completion Email.

Q: My student has completed the course but has not received their certificate.

A: After completing their course, students need to click the ‘get my certificate’ button in the course or the ‘view’ button on the Thinkific student account page. Once the student has clicked the ‘get my certificate’ button, the Accredible credential will be generated. 

In Summary

The Thinkific LMS is a fantastic platform for businesses and educational institutions to begin delivering education and courses to their students. Using the Thinkific integration, course creators can replace the insecure PDF certificates with secure digital certificates and badges that are easy to share and verify. 

To learn more about Thinkific integration or to receive a demo of the Accredible's digital credentialing platform, talk to the Accredible team today. Our team is ready to help you begin issuing digital credentials to your students. 

Further Reading

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